Vegas Rock Revolution

Vegas Rock Revolution

Tuesday (8M-10PM)

Hosted by John Gist of Vegas Rock Revolution productions/Promotions Las Vegas, NV.

Vegas Rock Revolution is the station to go to for the new  Hard Rock /Heavy Rock genre.  Featuring artists from all over the world (including the USA) that play music that is on the edge of breakthrough while mixing in some classics along the way .  This will be the best heavy rock that typical radio stations and major record labels have decided to not tell you about it……..yet!  From bands with INFLUENCES from Queens of the Stone Age to Black Sabbath ….. from Soundgarden to Mastodon.  From Rival Sons to Red Fang.   These bands features clean vocals and can be styles ranging from :  Hard Rock, Heavy Psych , Stoner Rock/Metal. Retro , Faster paced Doom…..the list goes on!

Stay tuned weekly enjoy Rock n Roll that will feed your hunger for what rock should be and you didn’t know exist.  Expect to hear kickass riffs, fantastic vocals, catchy tunes that will stick in your head each show. Pop on by and get dialed into the …Revolution!

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